Andrew Qiao

Hi. I'm Andrew Qiao.
As a Software Engineer, I develop inclusive user experiences.

Currently, I'm a CS student @ University of Waterloo, Software Engineer @ AVIEW, and Research Assistant @ University of Toronto. Here's some of my work.


University of Toronto

Research Assistant

University of Toronto

Developing and designing applications embedded with AI models such as GPT-3

Studying AI's workplace impact alongside Dr. Meena Andiappan's research team

Technologies Used: OpenAI API, React.js, Next.js, Firebase, Tailwind CSS, Figma

UWaterloo Data Science Club

VP of Web Development

UWaterloo Data Science Club

Leading a team of 6 developers and designers in revamping the club's website

Collaborating with fellow council members in organizing events for 400+ club members

Technologies Used: React.js, Next.js, Firebase, Google Apps Script, Tailwind CSS

AVIEW International

Software Engineer

AVIEW International

Leading development on the startup's corporate website and user portal

Amplifying company growth, achieving 115%+ MoM growth while approaching $100,000 monthly revenue

Technologies Used: React.js, Next.js, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Tailwind CSS

Pierre Elliott Trudeau HS Student Council

Technology Chair

Pierre Elliott Trudeau HS Student Council

Developed the school's mobile app, Pethsapp, with 1,200+ users

Revamped the council's website, generating 21,000+ search impressions and improving site speed by 77%

Technologies Used: React.js, Next.js, Flutter, Dart, Firebase, JavaScript, Figma

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Hi! I'm Andrew, a CS student at the University of Waterloo.

Currently, I'm a Software Engineer at AVIEW International, leading development on the startup's website and using portal using React.js and AWS.

Additionally, I'm a Research Assistant at the University of Toronto, studying the utility and perception of AI in the workplace through building applications embedded with AI models such as GPT-3.

Some of the things I like to do in my free time include playing tennis, searching for design inspiration, and solving Leetcode problems.

That said, I'd love to get to know you! Feel free to message me about new opportunities or to have a conversation!

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